We are Fractal.

We apply disruptive quantum technology to solve complex, big data problems that cannot be addressed with relational technology.

Relational technology is obsolete.

Quantum technology finds relationships, hidden in plain sight, in voter rolls, Dark Money contribution networks, FEC and state contribution rolls – showing the hidden networks controlling American elections and culture.

Quantum technology opens Medicaid and WIC program rolls – to uncover the billions of lost dollars in state program fraud.

Every Fortune 500 corporation has some quantum work for its most important applications. The Fractal team is applying quantum technology to state government voter rolls.

Who We Are

We built the eBay fraud detection engine, the foundational technology for the TSA No-Fly List, the fraud systems for State Farm, GEICO, USAA and most large insurance firms.

Our commercial customers use Fractal quantum technology to protect the power grid, manage the power in major office buildings, predict equipment failures – at 200 million transactions per second.

We currently run the largest election database ever created – over 3 billion records – integrating voter rolls – multiple copies compared on different dates – the entire FEC database of every contribution to every candidate for 50 years, and the Dark Money database – showing the network connections for NGOs and 501Cs funding Leftist causes.

Omega4America is a microsite for FractalWeb.App – a disruptive quantum software company in Austin, Texas.

We are all quantum – all the time – putting relational technology into its grave.

What We Do

We innovate.

Election rolls, contribution databases, have zero innovation since the 1980s.

That’s why they contain so much anomalous data – if you can find anything at all.

We invented “time series” analysis across voter rolls – finding – with one click – thousands of people voting from college dorms – for 20 years.

We are the first to cross search property tax rolls with voter rolls – with a single click showing voters registered at hotels, gas stations and vacant lots.

We built the quantum Dark Money Tracking System – opening the world of hidden NGOs, grants, foundations to the sunlight of quantum technology.

Our team built the world’s largest election database – over 3 billion records – with multiple data snapshots – tying every voter to every address, to property tax rolls and other databases – showing where a mail-in ballot will be sent – but the address is a gas station, Walmart or restaurant.

We are not political activists. We take no donations from political parties.

Our Point of View

The Fractal Point of View is the result of working in the election, contribution and Dark Money domain.

  • Election integrity efforts must stop mail-in ballots from going to illegitimate addresses like a Walmart, gas stations and laundromats.

  • Cleaning election rolls is a losing proposition. Governments will not get it done. This is a make-work proposition for legacy voter integrity groups with too much time on their hands.

  • National legacy voter integrity orgs are grifters. They know cleaning voter rolls is useless. They miss every major new type of fraud. They are in the funding business – using obsolete technology – and they are often a threat to the objective.

  • Election fraud is a multi-headed hydra. To deliver clean, honest elections, one must track the Dark Money funding Leftist groups and monitor contribution rolls for illegal donations. Attack the whole problem, not a piece of it.

  • Election systems in every state need to be as close to real time as possible. Every state’s citizens should download voter rolls at least quarterly, preferably monthly, during early voting - weekly. Compare every roll with all previous rolls to flag illegal changes or additions/deletions.

  • Secretaries of State will NOT implement advanced technology no matter how much clear fraud is shown to them. Citizen groups must build demonstration systems, show other citizens via videos the massive anomalous data from current relational systems, and get the NEXT Secretary of State to take action.

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