Relational technology is obsolete.

Gartner, the most widely known technology evaluation firm, stated so, noting that the current tech stack is essentially obsolete.

Relational technology is a 1980s artifact used in every Secretary of State office, every national voter integrity organization.

Relational technology cannot eliminate fraud – it cannot even find most of the fraud. The problem is relational technology invites fraud.

We know, we have 40 years’ experience building some of the most widely acclaimed fraud systems in America – which found fraud hidden in relational systems.

As we show in our videos, Fractal quantum technology uses time series analysis to find anomalous data – like thousands of college students – in a dorm – voting for 20 years – with one click.

We import property tax records – official government data – cross searched against voter rolls - with one click – show thousands of voters residing at a Walmart, gas station, strip mall or restaurant.

The Fractal team found 20-year-old data issues in Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and 17 other states – with a single click.

Fractal quantum brings disruption, and we are disrupting entire election integrity movement – who rely on relational technology – and fail year after year.

Fractal quantum technology makes any citizen more insightful than over-funded, fat national organizations who missed the largest voter fraud in history – 2020.

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