Innovation has not happened in the election roll space for 50 years.

The same relational systems from the 1980s are used in every government office, in every state in America.

The Fractal quantum team delivers innovation every day, with legislators and citizen groups.

Time Series Analysis of Voter Rolls

Time series of voter rolls is economically impossible with relational technology – but is vital to voter roll visibility. Phineas is an eligible voter at an eligible address. The relational view discerns no more.

The quantum view takes every copy of the voter roll – 66 in Pennsylvania, 4 in Texas, 6 in Wisconsin, and compares every cell in every voter roll with the corresponding cell in every subsequent voter roll. Thus, one can see Phineas is registered at an RV Park, a hotel, a college frat house – yet has been voting from that location for 20 years!

In the Kari Lake Arizona election, the useless Arizona legacy voter integrity team chose not to do time series. After Lake’s loss, they asked Fractal to run a quantum analysis on 2 copies of the voter rolls.

With one click, in minutes, we showed that days before the election 22,000 new voters were added – Lake saw none of them – thus, another legacy voter integrity group lost another election because they refuse to adopt modern technology.

Lake lost by 17,000 votes.

Cross Search Property Tax Rolls

Voter rolls are a snapshot in time.

If the state says 254 Elm Street is a registrant’s location, there aren’t many options.

The Fractal team understands that cross searching unlike databases finds what cannot be found with relational tech.

The Fractal team brings in property tax records for the county. For several counties. In Georgia, we brought in the property tax records for 11 counties. These are official government records.

The Fractal quantum system compares that address in the voter roll with the corresponding address in the tax roll. 254 Elm Street is a gas station!

With on click, we see the Google street view – no apartment in sight!

Multiply this by the hundreds of thousands and see how many mail-in ballots are going to gas stations, strip malls and empty warehouses.

These are not small numbers. Ineligible addresses can add up to 67% of the mail-in ballot fraud in a county – invisible to relational.

This is what relational technology misses – and why all the legacy voter integrity teams are so useless.

Dark Money Tracking

Need we explain how NGOs, 501Cs and foundations are undermining U.S. elections by funneling money to Leftist groups to undermine elections?

This video shows in a few clicks, how one Leftist NGO has ties to tens of thousands of others.

With one more click, we track their connections – and as we showed in Wisconsin this month, we can identify a major Leftist get-out-the-vote group tied to a Chinese-funded NGO!

That’s innovation! That’s actionable!

Only available with quantum technology.

Video link Dark Money

Undeliverable Ballot Database

Legacy voter integrity orgs fight the last war, not the next one.

They and their technology are built to handle the person who shows up to vote.

Election fraud is an almost total mail-in ballot operation.

Mail-in ballots are the future – and the legacy voter organizations have no tools to fight mail-in ballot fraud.

Teams like the one in Wisconsin innovated – and won a Senate state-wide race with the Undeliverable Ballot Database.

Together with their know-how and quantum technology, we built the database of every location in Wisconsin where we could compare property tax rolls with election rolls – and showed with a photo address which were gas stations, 7-11s and sandwich shops.

That database was then shared with registrars across the state to stop ballots from going to those locations in the first place.

For the first time, the good guys stopped fraud before it happened – rather than litigating, uselessly – afterward.

Cleaning Canvassing Lists

The Fractal team never gets involved in politics. Some of our clients do.

The Wisconsin team recognized their door-to-door canvassing lists from the RNC were over 50% incorrect. Paid canvassing teams in 2022 complained how useless those lists were.

The RNC uses relational technology – thus no surprise.

The Wisconsin team, using Fractal quantum technology, plus some of their own purpose-built software cleaned the Wisconsin voter roll canvassing list.

The result, it was reported, was a door-to-door canvassing list over 95% accurate.

This cannot be done with relational technology.

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