Relational Technology is Slow

Relational technology is a Petri dish for fraud – in every industry.

Relational technology allows bad actors to make minor, insignificant modifications to data and become invisible. A scammer can change the letter “o” to a zero in this name – Jack 0’Malley and relational sees two people.

Relational technology is so pathetically slow that a simple query across a single state database can take all day.

The same query, as we show in our videos, can run in a Fractal quantum system, in seconds – from a phone.

The Fractal Dark Money Tracking system is a perfect example.

The galaxy view shows the interconnection of tens of thousands of NGOs, foundations and 501Cs – color coding each one according to how much money it received from its source.

With a single click, hundreds of thousands of connections are visible.

Watch the video – and as you will see – this is impossible with relational technology.

If you cannot trace the Dark Money impacting elections, what good are you?

What good is trying to clean a voter roll if you cannot “out” Chinese money funding a Leftist get-out-the-vote org in Wisconsin?

The voter integrity movement defines success as cleaning voter rolls.

They do not tell you they have zero success cleaning voter rolls.

They ignore the real problems in elections – the Dark Money and the contribution mills funding Leftist causes.

They ignore these because they do not have the technology to find them.

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