Is Fractal Computing Quantum Computing?

This is a question often asked of the Fractal team. 

And the answer is that Fractal computing delivers quantum computing results right now, on current hardware, with current skills.

No new skills are needed because Fractal uses known, well-worn computing concepts and underlying technologies.  Fractal is Node.js and Javascript.  Locality of reference, MAP Reduce, object-oriented programming.  Javascript is the most widely used computer language in the world – and if you know Javascript, you are on your way with Fractal.

Quantum computing is something still on the dream table.

Fractal computing, unlike quantum computing, does NOT need special hardware. 

It runs on any Unix instance, which are most of the computers in use today.  It can run on other operating systems as well.

Quantum computing is an attempt to increase the speed of compute – with specialized hardware and entirely new software. 

Thus, if a corporate app were moved to a quantum computer, it would need new skills, new hardware and every app would need to be rewritten.

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