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Hardware You Can Hold In Your Hand? Really?

The age of the modern data center, or the cloud version (someone else’s data center) is coming to an end.

Gartner Group – who follows technology for the Fortune 500 CIOs, said the current tech stack is dead in 2025.

During inflection points, it appears ridiculous to even make such a claim.

Steve Jobs saw the future of personal computing – IBM did not.


Fractal users are replacing massive, legacy mainframe apps with Fractal apps that cost 90% less, run 1,000 to a million times faster, with NO DATA CENTER NEEDED.

Major corporations can now meet “green energy” mandates because they can build all new apps without the energy-consuming growth of these massive data centers.

For state governments, they can now implement massively accurate database systems – like voter records, tax systems, DMV systems – at 1/10th what they expect to pay.

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