Why Make Donations Before Cleaning Out The Phantoms?

Americans are donating billions of dollars to competitive federal election campaigns.  Any competitive race is defined as winning by a margin of one or two percent.

Yet, voter rolls in those states have from 5% to 15% or more “anomalies” in their voter rolls.

Why would Americans waste money giving to a candidate where the voter rolls’ accuracy alone could swing the election?

Before 2020, the visibility to state registration rolls was very limited.  Few people ever looked deeply and almost nobody did analysis of them.

Legacy voter integrity groups did stats and studies and papers, but not much changed after they got whatever funding they sought. 

Today, it’s different.

There is visibility to the voter rolls in every state.  No state has voter rolls even come close to reconciliation. 

  • They have armies of the dead still voting.
  • Colleges have thousands of students who appear at the universities with registration dates over 20 years ago.
  • Vacant lots, street corners, UPS boxes and RV parks have thousands of registered voters who clearly aren’t there.


If voter rolls are 5% – 15% incorrect, why would anyone donate to the federal candidate in that race that will be decided by 1%.

The Fractal team and voter integrity groups in over a dozen states are trying mightily to correct these voter rolls and insure that donor money is not wasted.

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