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Contribution Mules

A lot has been made out of the vast number of phantom identities and addresses in public data voter databases.

Few people have done deep dives into the contribution databases kept by the Federal Election Commission and the states.

What value is a public database of all contributions if it cannot easily be loaded, searched, parsed and compared internally?

Using current computer tools, that is an almost impossibility for citizens.

Fractal changed that equation when it downloaded the entire FEC database back to 2019 and started cross searching it.

You, dear reader, would be interested to see individuals making thousands of donations.

If you follow James O’Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, he knocked on some of those doors and the poor homeowner had no idea he ever made any such contributions.

For instance, there is a person who made over 7,000 donations, in less than 24 months, to hundreds of candidates. 

Cross searching against other databases, one finds this person is retired, not apparently someone of great means.

So are there others?

Where does this money come from?

Attorneys General in several states are getting curious – and Fractal is making the technology available to them to find this criminal fraud and stamp it out.

Doing the deep search of hundreds of millions of people, candidates, PACs is almost impossible for average citizens with current computer tools.

With Fractal, applied by the Project Omega team, the contribution database, with all the ebbs and flows of data from one PAC to another, to a candidate, to another PAC are as visible as footprints in the snow.

Now citizens can see the lifeblood of politics – money – and how it flows from one group to another and determine if that makes sense. 

Or not.

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