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Are There Phantom Voters?

What is a phantom voter?

A phantom voter is someone who either does not exist and votes or someone who exists and also votes but does not know they voted.

Regardless of your political affiliation, Fractal can now say with certainty that there are phantom voters in the voter rolls of every state we analyzed.  We are in over 15 states right now and most of them are the swing states.

Phantoms are alive and well and voting.

Who are they?

Phantoms are people whose address is a UPS box or a jail or a church but they vote or someone votes for them.  Phantoms are innocent people who move from Georgia to South Carolina but someone in Georgia votes them in the last election.

The issue is not whether or not there are phantoms.  That question is now behind us.  The question is what to do about it.

Voter integrity teams in every state are perusing the voter rolls and finding ways to challenge clearly fake voters. 

However, there is a much larger question brought to you from the Fractal team, a group of advanced data analysts.

Our review of these states shows that there are so many egregious, rookie data errors and anomalies in these voter rolls that fraud becomes inevitable.

In one state, a voter ID is an apostrophe. 

In a midwestern state, they do not assign voter IDs consecutively.  They skip by 10s.  So there are 9 places in which to later insert a real or fake voter and nobody can tell.  And we found them inserting “voters.”

In a southern state, there are 41,500 voters who were “inactive” yet voted.

In Texas, there are people who showed up in person, voted, then later their vote was changed to an absentee vote.  People, nothing should change in someone’s ballot AFTER they vote.

The question has now morphed from “are there phantoms” to what can we do about it?

The solution is the same as clearing out mold.  Sunlight!

Fractal is making all voter rolls it is given able to be searched, at silicon speed, by a voter integrity team, the answer going to a phone or tablet in seconds.

The Fractal team believes there needs to be the same rigor applied to state databases as there are to corporate financial statements.

Sarbanes-Oxley legislation mandated that if a set of corporate financials is incorrect, and the CFO and CEO sign off on it, they can go to jail.

Corporations should not have higher standards than Secretaries of State.

Fractal is working to give Attorney’s General and Secretaries of State the tools they need to make public databases accessible and give confidence to citizens that there is no appreciable voter fraud – through full transparency.

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