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Who We Are

We implement disruptive technologies to solve problems that elude any current compute technology.

Some of our team members built the eBay fraud detection engine, stopping on-line auction fraud that eluded neural nets and conventional relational, SQL fraud technology.

Some of our technology was used in the TSA No-Fly List to identify terrorists who changed all their identifiers to avoid detection and attack commercial air traffic.

Our technologies were used by most of the Top 10 property casualty insurers to thwart auto accident fraud rings: GEICO, USAA, State Farm.

In 2021 and 2022,  Mike Lindell  funded us to do one state – Wisconsin.

On our own, we worked with over 20 voter integrity teams learning how to identify voter fraud in voter registration databases. 

99% of current voter integrity teams are on a fast path to failure.  You cannot eliminate phantom voter fraud with SQL, NCOA, Melissa and other obsolete technologies.

These teams are wasting valuable time in an effort that will fail in 2024 like it did in 2022.

When these teams reported phantoms to the local judge or registrar, in most cases NOTHING HAPPENED.

Several voter integrity teams, however, decided to build a system to stop voter roll fraud BEFORE it impacts an election – particularly 2024.

In 2023 we and innovative voter integrity teams from Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada and North Carolina are collaborating to demonstrate a REAL TIME election roll cleanup system.

Its SINGULAR GOAL is to stop the phantom name and address padding BEFORE it can impact the 2024 election.

Together we built best practices, deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to create a database of UnDeliverable ballots.  This is a database of every address in the USA, regardless of how it is spelled, to determine if a ballot mailed here will find its rightful owner.

We see every multi-person address in America and determine if something as slight as a missing apartment number will cause a ballot to collect elsewhere – thus opening the door to a fake ballot being cast.

Fractal Programming, a new tech stack, running from 1,000 to a million times faster than any current technology.  When applied to public record databases, Fractal enables citizens to access public records, cross search them, determine if they reconcile, check them for accuracy, and get that data on their phone – instantly.

We currently run almost 2 billion records for state election records alone. 

We witnessed every state’s voter rolls are abhorrent – fake addresses, phantom voters – who vote in every election even though they live in a UPS box.

There are registered voters older than George Washington still voting.  There are 106 year old frat boys in a frat house still voting.

When we added Federal Election Commission data, we found political candidates in 2022 receiving donations in 2038 – time travel is alive!

The state of the most important public data, on which we choose our leaders is appalling.

Our objective is to make all that public data transparent, able to be reconciled, on every citizen’s phone.

2023 Project Omega is about interactive voter roll reconciliation – cross checked weekly or monthly against county property tax records – which can change the game in 2024 – eliminating much of the phantom voter fraud.

Project Omega – the UnDeliverable Ballot Database – is coming to YOUR state with YOUR help.

Help us implement Project Omega in YOUR state now!