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Who We Are

We are the Omega4America team delivering massively disruptive, REAL TIME technology to solve state government identity fraud problems no current technology can economically address.  

We work with individual state legislators building demonstration projects – on their state’s publicly available rolls – to identify, freeze and fix identity fraud issues in their states!

Voter roll anomalies – FEC Contribution Mules – Medicaid Fraud Bad Actors?  We find them in partnership with state legislators BEFORE they cause more harm!


Current Compute Technology At End Of Life

“By 2025, traditional computing technologies will hit a digital wall…As conventional silicon processors approach performance, economic and sustainability limits, they will limit digital initiatives and innovation, thereby limiting the growth of the business. New computing technologies … will begin to take their place. As these new technologies mature, they will become increasingly available and more affordable for businesses to begin experimentation.”                   

                                                         Gartner Group Strategic Predictions for 2021 And Beyond

State governments do not have the massive compute power to cross search their Medicaid, Voter, WIC and other program rolls to find identity fraud.  States rely on obsolete relational/SQL technology thus enabling bad actors free reign in their state program rolls.

The Omega team uses innovative new technologies like Similarity Search, Artificial Intelligence, Fractal to cross search state government databases finding fraud actors, duplicates or just providing modern data cleansing  –  saving states up to 50% of their information tech costs.

Applications costing millions of dollars can now be built, tested, deployed – in 90 days or less – for about 1/10th current costs.

Fractal delivers quantum compute results with current hardware – with applications converted in a quarter.

Similarity Search identifies bad actors modifying their names or addresses to avoid detection.

Artificial intelligence address matching creates ONE address for EVERY property in the state insuring there is a SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH for all state program rolls.

Voter rolls are compared with property tax rolls – finding ineligible registrations – at a bank or Manchurian restaurant.  The Minimum Viable Product – published by Omega, is the LEAST every state must do to guarantee clean voter rolls!

Federal Election Commission rolls are compared with state addresses and FAKE contributions – often hundreds from one person, each $49 or less, are identified with one click.

Some of our team members built the eBay fraud detection engine, stopping on-line auction fraud that eluded neural nets and conventional relational, SQL fraud technology.

Some of our technology was used in the TSA No-Fly List to identify terrorists who changed all their identifiers to avoid detection and attack commercial air traffic.

Our technologies were used by most of the Top 10 property casualty insurers to thwart auto accident fraud rings: GEICO, USAA, State Farm.

Our team found Medicaid fraud in state Medicaid rolls – often committed by organized doctor/lawyer rings.

Our team received 6 patents for Similarity Search, essentially inventing this new compute paradigm.

We develop artificial intelligence (AI) apps, for instance, to measure equipment electrical loads – running at 200 million transactions per second.

Large commercial office buildings measure temperature and power usage every second to perfectly tune power consumption and minimize cost.

In 2021 former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke asked us to review Wisconsin voter rolls – as citizens questioned a national election.

We worked with teams in over a dozen states, reviewing voter rolls – developing innovative ways to clean them – keep them clean – and give confidence to citizens their elections are secure.

We applied technology and compared “snapshots” of voter rolls – from different dates.  For the first time, every change to every voter roll was made available for public scrutiny.

We began using purchased lists of hotels – churches – office buildings – but purchased data is wrong 25% of the time – after 2 years, 50%.  So we found a better way!

We innovated by taking the property tax rolls and voter registration rolls – comparing them in real time.  Property tax rolls are the most accurate view of every address – because the county makes its money from them – so they keep those rolls pristine.

Citizens could now see where their tax rolls and registration rolls failed to reconcile – and they could fix them in a few hours.

Our technology enables voter rolls in any state to be visible to its citizens, matched against property rolls, DMV records, death records, and any other data the state wishes to use – in seconds.

Every change – to every voter roll – by any person – is 100% auditable – from your phone!

The Omega team challenged ERIC to meet the MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT threshold – to make all voter rolls truly audited!

The cost is 1/10th that of current relational tech.

Voter rolls in the largest – or smallest state – can be visible from your phone – every change visible for all to see.

Such visibility with current technology is impossibly costly – not with the Omega programs. 

The Omega team can implement any state, all voters, with daily, even hourly real-time updates of every change, in days at a cost 1/10th what it would cost with current obsolete SQL technology.

Project Omega is the system to make all government data rolls, and their changes, visible from your phone.

We created the UnDeliverable Ballot Database™- the single most secure reporting of what addresses should receive a mail-in ballot – and which should not.

We helped find the future for election roll analysis – and thus we are proposing every state reconcile its voter rolls with its property tax rolls – constantly.

We are now working with state legislatures to demonstrate how Fractal can clean voter rolls and make any change visible. 

We are also demonstrating how to add the FEC (Federal Election Commission) rolls to find “contribution mules” who make thousands of donations – but do not know they do.

We are adding Medicaid rolls to demonstrate how Medicaid fraud and election fraud may be linked.  To date, no state has been able to do this kind of “super compute.”

Join us here as we show leading states how to apply tomorrow’s advanced technology to clean fraud from government systems through 100% transparency – give confidence to citizens – at a cost so low it cannot be matched by any conventional technology! 

If you are a STATE LEGISLATOR and you want to show your colleagues massive anomalies in your state’s rolls, costing your state millions of dollars a year – we can do a DEMONSTRATION PROJECT for you! 

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