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UnDeliverable Ballot Database™

In 2024, and all subsequent elections, mail-in ballots will determine the outcome.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database can identify who gets a legitimate mail-in ballot and what addresses can be flagged, in advance, because they should not get a ballot.

Government and election integrity industry databases are dormant, stale with zero ability to deal with the waves of fake voters bad actors may add – as they do every election cycle – to voter rolls.

These databases are not real time.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database – a key deliverable of the Omega team – is an important tool to keep honest voters from being disenfranchised.  It is REAL TIME.

The Undeliverable Ballot Database ingests county property tax rolls and cross checks them with corresponding election rolls.  Here is what you are going to find (if you don’t believe us, we can show it to you with live data):

Every address in the county, even ones that pay no taxes like a church is profiled.

Vacant lots, which are subject to tax are visible.  We update every 30 days – we keep a history of every improvement on that property.  Sometimes these “improvements” accumulate ballots.

History means we know what the property is today, what it was years ago.  This is most interesting when we identify voters registered at a location in 2020 which was built in 2022.

For every property we determine – real time, updated constantly:

This address cannot receive mail.  It is a vacant lot.

This address can receive mail – but not a ballot.  It is a Mongolian restaurant or a civic center.

This address can receive mail and ballots because it is an apartment building.  However, these 23 people registered there cannot receive a ballot because they do not have their APT or UNIT number on the voter roll.

This address is ALSO an apartment building.  However, the 7 people registered there cannot receive a ballot since they are registered in an address that is a clubhouse, with one bath and no bedrooms.

This address can receive mail and ballots.  However, it claims to house 18 voters (adults) and has only one bath, is 800 square feet, and one bedroom.  Thus it is out of compliance with the county health authority.  Maybe check it out – don’t want anyone living in substandard conditions.

This address is a hotel.  But it has people registered there for 5 years.  Hotels do not typically house 5 year residents – particularly ones who all registered on the same day.  Might want to check that one out too.

This address is a homeless shelter.  It’s voters registered 3, 5 and 7 years ago.  Homeless people don’t stay anywhere for years – let’s check to see if they are being victimized for their ballot!

Data is scrubbed, updated and every change logged – constantly, and can be found with one or two clicks.

Our artificial intelligence address matching engine is the best in the industry.  Thus we can tell, again in real time, if a group of different addresses are really the same but misspelled, or different.

Profiling a property is of immense value.  Knowing the year it was built, its square footage means we can with one click find every address in the county where there are more than 8 people per 500 square feet of living space.  Thus, we can identify where the voter rolls do not reconcile with the health department regulations.

If you miss the point, it means voter integrity teams and elected officials have a powerful tool to challenge voters claiming an address which, according to the health department, is out of code.

We also tie every voter to every address to which they have EVER been registered.  Why is this important?

In Wisconsin, we found voters at address A who “moved” to address B to vote in a state election.  Enough to change its outcome.  Right afterward, they moved back – to their original addresses.  Might be interesting to have this history for every address in America!

Recently we added the FEC (Federal Election Commission) data.  Now, with one click, an Attorney General’s office can compare the current voter roll with the FEC roll and see the addresses where “contribution mules” live.  Those are the ones James O’Keefe interviewed who made 5,000 donations in 24 months – but when questioned, never knew they did!

The power of real time data analysis is obvious to every Fortune 500 company – it only remains a mystery to those dealing with voter rolls and current voter integrity organizations who do not have the technology to deploy it.

We even offered Fractal to these voter integrity groups, but they were way too busy on Zoom calls to take the time to advance the art.

So, we developed the Undeliverable Ballot Database and we can implement it in any state in days.

State agencies now have the tools – Similarity Search, A.I Address Matching, Fractal analysis – to impart confidence from every citizen that any change to any government database, no matter how slight – can be visible from their phone – in one or two clicks.

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