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The SQL Point of View

SQL and relational databases underpin voter databases in every state.  Thus, what one can see with SQL is all one can fix.

Well, what does SQL miss.  A lot.

If your Secretary of State and election officials have a SQL point of view, they see what SQL lets them see – and miss the rest.

Fractal runs the voter rolls for about 15 states’ voter integrity teams.  Using traditional technology, we and they found phantom voters who were clearly ineligible voters – many of whom regularly vote.

Many of these states use ERIC – a system from a politically-aligned organization that claims to “clean” voter rolls.

Then we applied Fractal analysis – no SQL, no relational and found a hidden universe of anomalous behavior.

We brought in the property tax rolls for several counties in Texas and Nevada and found people registered in restaurants or convenience stores or vacant lots.  There were students in sororities and fraternities old enough to vote – in their 40’s and 50’s.

County health departments have regulations about how many people can live in a structure.  Using Fractal analysis we searched number of registered voters per 500 square feet.  Lots of voters, particularly in a couple of large metro areas – where they far exceed the Health Department regs.

We find registered voters registered in an apartment building in 2018 – but the building was built in 2020 – previously a vacant lot.

We do time series analysis of voter rolls on different dates – uncovering surges of new voters in certain areas who quickly disappear from the rolls right after the election.

We tracked Texas cast ballots which were changed AFTER the person voted.  One example was the person who showed up in person to vote, then a week later his ballot was changed to “absentee.”

We found zip codes changed the week mail-in ballots went out, then changed back shortly thereafter.  What happened to those mail-in ballots?  The recipient did not get one.

We found hidden control characters in voter rolls in North Carolina, making it almost impossible for citizens to peruse them.  We found – and testified to the Wisconsin Legislature – hidden characters in voter IDs.  Why would an election commission hide characters in a voter ID?

If you want citizens to have confidence in voter rolls, they need visibility to ALL changes – not just the ones SQL can see.  Thus, Fractal logs every change as often as real-time – giving citizens the absolute confidence in their voter rolls.

Beware of those with a SQL point of view.


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