Fake Donations – Who Is Funding Them?

“Contribution mules” – a new term for millions of dollars of illegal money flooding elections for state and local office.  Because state rep and state senate races have become very important, there is a developing flood of illegal money secretly being injected into those races.

The Fractal team ingested the entire Federal Election Commission database back to 2019.  These donations were then cross searched and contributors making literally thousands of donations showed up in the data.

Enterprising investigators began knocking on doors and they found people who may have made a few small donations – but not thousands!

James O’Keefe received tips from some of our friends in Florida who have been leading this effort nationally – and who deserve all the credit.  Here is what O’Keefe found:

MAJOR FRAUD EXPOSED: Democrats Caught Committing Massive Finance Crimes and Donations Harvesting in Indiana – Exclusive Video

The Fractal team recommends every state constantly run the Fractal analysis against the FEC rolls and its state donation rolls and see if such “anomalies” appear.  If they do, the Attorney General may want to find out where that money came from.

The Fractal team makes this kind of analysis possible for any state.

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