Replace ERIC By Running In Parallel

The Fractal team believes any critical information system must be auditable, reconciled internally and completely transparent to its users and customers.

Just like a corporate financial system must be completely understandable and fully auditable, so must every system that manages either elections or voter rolls.

Does ERIC allow its users to have complete visibility to all ERIC data?  NO

Does ERIC publish auditable updates of voters removed from rolls?  NO

Such visibility is the minimum viable transparency for any electoral system and ERIC fails each one entirely.

The Fractal team proved it can ingest voter rolls from every state in the United States, cross search them against scores of known bad address databases, and give election officials and integrity groups visibility into every valid, registered voter.

The Fractal team, working in conjunction with over 20 state election integrity teams, advanced the art of election analysis.

Snapshot Analysis:

The Fractal team implemented snapshot analysis.  Thus, snapshots of voter rolls are taken on different dates, compared every cell to every cell, and any change is instantly spotted.

Snapshot analysis yielded voters who were “inactive” in one snapshot, then changed to “active” and voted, then changed back to inactive.  This would not have been caught with traditional technologies like those used by ERIC.

State and County Comparison:

Do the state and county rolls match?  Are they close?  If not, what are the differences?

Fractal and the voter integrity teams found major issues between state rolls and county rolls and thus integrity teams had valuable information to check out.

Property Tax Records and Voter Registration Records:

Do the property tax records and the voter registration records match?  Is someone registering from a location the property tax record shows has no bedrooms?  Is someone registering in 2016 from a building that was built in 2022?

Voter History Queries:

Fractal built scores of queries such as “…show the people who voted in this election but have not voted for 12 years.”

This kind of information is not made available from ERIC but it is invaluable for voter integrity teams.  In many states, such voters were thus ineligible to vote and should have been taken off the voter rolls.

Voter Age Queries:

The Fractal team showed multiple Secretaries of State their voter rolls with active voters older than Queen Elizabeth I (she died in 1606) who are still voting.  ERIC has continually failed to make such obvious data public.

The Fractal Equation:

The Fractal team can go to any state, ingest its voter rolls, cross search them against scores of databases of known bad addresses, ingest any data that is also given to ERIC, and within 30 days have a full production system running in parallel with ERIC.

The state can choose to keep using ERIC and use the Fractal system in parallel or it can end its ERIC contract and save tax payer money while moving visible, election reform forward.

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