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Project Omega

Every state has massive databases of voters, Medicaid recipients, DMV licensees residing in scores of other complex systems.

Do they reconcile?

Not a state in America can reconcile its voter registration database with its personal property rolls.

Not a state can compare every Medicaid recipient, down to the claim level, against related databases – thus uncovering fraud rings and ineligible recipients – instantly from a phone.

Project Omega is educating state legislatures on how disruptive new technology can compare any and all state databases against each other – real time – with instant response time – to reconcile them with the fidelity expected from major public companies.

Fractal technology enables all state databases to be constantly cross searched – scrubbed for fraud or abuse or just bad addresses – real time – at a cost far lower than states pay today for bad data!

Citizens do not believe elections are fair and honest.

Without election confidence – government cannot succeed.

Confidence comes through full visibility to voter rolls – seeing any change – reporting new voters and deleting ones who have moved or died.

2022 proved voter integrity teams, using obsolete current SQL, Excel and other tools find phantom voters – but cannot get them off the voter rolls.

Project Omega is about bringing states and counties the most powerful address matching, voter roll cleaning system available –  Medicaid fraud detection – at a cost so low anyone can afford it.

Fractal technology delivers:

  1. Real time analysis of all government program rolls from a digital device.
  2. Time series analysis of multiple copies of voter rolls and other government rolls – to see what changed = 100% audit ability.
  3.  The Undeliverable Ballot Database – the most accurate database of every address – determining if it can receive a ballot or not.
  4. Comparison of voter list addresses with property tax records to identify ineligible voters in voter rolls.
  5. FEC address cross search – identifying contribution mules for law enforcement.
  6. Medicaid, Payroll Protection Program or any other government program fraud identification.
  7. Fractal can stand up any state system in 30 – 45 days – at a cost 1/10th of traditional technology.
  8. The Fractal team will build a demonstration system for any state where its officials are seriously looking to update voter systems, search out program fraud or reconcile multiple systems and databases.

No state should have to suffer with the costs, complexities and limitations of current relational/SQL systems.

Let the Fractal team show you your state – your data – in Fractal.