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Project Omega

2022 proved voter integrity teams, using obsolete current SQL, Excel and other tools and statistical analysis find phantom voters – but cannot get them off the voter rolls.

The outstanding Wisconsin voter integrity team, in 2022, applied Fractal technology, at scale, innovatively, and they probably saved a U.S. Senate seat.

Project Omega is the distillation of what went right, in several states in 2022, using Fractal technology – to find phantoms, get them off the rolls, deliver almost pristine canvassing lists.

Working with a small number of states, the Project Omega team is building the processes and best practices to save the 2024 election.

We are taking Project Omega to EVERY STATE for 2024!

Project Omega has five deliverables:

  1. Applying advanced Fractal technology, across multiple databases, to find phantoms and GET THEM OFF THE VOTER ROLL.
  2. Fractal analysis of voter rolls and cast ballot lists – real time or as close to real time as possible, to stop election fraud BEFORE it impacts an election.
  3. The UnDeliverable Ballot Database. Some phantoms will remain.  The UnDeliverable Ballot Database determines where ballots will arrive and not be able to find their owner.
  4. Deliver canvassing lists that are pristine compared with the terrible RNC lists used in 2022.
  5. Replace ERIC through offering a clear, inexpensive, transparent alternative.

The Project Omega team is demonstrating the cross search of Nevada and Wisconsin voter rolls, against county property tax records, FEC Contribution records and scores of other databases.  Some of these are hotels, prisons, RV Parks, schools etc. 

Working with scores of voter integrity teams, Project Omega is collecting crowdsourced information that is not kept in property tax records – like Air B&Bs.

Fractal technology “snapshots” data views, on as many dates as necessary, to show the movement of data over time.  These aggregate into billions of records – updated constantly.

In 2024, if (when) the Maricopa County election officials change zip codes during ballot mailing, Fractal snapshots catch it.  When new voters are added just before an election, after the legal date, Fractal alerts the voter integrity teams.

In 2023 canvassing teams are using the Project Omega canvassing lists.  They were the same canvassing teams who used RNC lists for the 2022 electoral catastrophe.  They report that “…in 22 years canvassing, these are the best lists we ever used!”

In 2023, the Project Omega team is raising the funding to run every state for all voter integrity teams.

5 states are raising their own funding to implement Project Omega, and get Fractal analysis up and running immediately – searching property tax records against voter records – and forcing their governments to make them match!

Our team is on the road – visiting Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania and other locations where elected officials want an alternative to ERIC – the George Soros funded “voter roll clean up” system.  We are demonstrating a live system – far larger and more comprehensive than ERIC – implemented in any state, at a modest cost, in 30 days or less.

Statistical analysis is useless to eliminate phantoms.  Current software tools have consistently failed to remove phantoms.

The top tier voter integrity teams, innovating with Fractal technology, delivered the only success in 2022.  Now it is time to take that success national.

In mid – 2023, the Fractal system will be taken to as many states as can be funded.