Stop Voter Fraud Before It Happens

Voter integrity teams in all 50 states are perusing voter rolls, challenging the dead and the cognitively impaired who are legally unable to vote – yet somehow do.

They are doing this years after an election. Closing the barn door after the horse is out!

The request from citizens in every state is to stop voter fraud BEFORE it impacts an election.

Secretaries of State want confidence in their voter rolls!

This is a technology-based problem.

Until recently, there was no technology that could ingest voter rolls and do comparisons against every address, every name in real time and deliver the results in an instant.  There was no ability to reconcile every state program database with the personal property tax records.

Most of the technology used by legacy voter integrity organizations is 40 years old.  It is mainframe based, batch, relational database limited.  Reports take hours, days, or weeks or cannot be run at all.

In one case in Wisconsin, one of the leading legacy voter integrity organizations was asked by Wisconsin investigators to run a report on the Wisconsin voter roll.

That legacy voter integrity organization told the investigators it would cost $500,000 and take weeks.  It was never done at all.

The same team asked the Fractal team for that information.

It was delivered in less than 12 hours, at no charge.  But there’s more.

The Fractal team made the entire state of Wisconsin voter file available on line and the integrity team has been running thousands of searches every month since that day – again at no charge.

Since then, thousands of ineligible voters have been identified and challenged.

In 2022, several voter integrity teams moved the compass toward stopping election fraud BEFORE it took root.

The Wisconsin team went after ballots being mailed to addresses where they would be returned because no such person lived there.  Today we codify this in the Undeliverable Ballot Database.

They ran updates to the list of absentee ballots being mailed. 

This information was collected every 3 days.  It was ingested into a Fractal.  Immediately, on a phone or tablet, this voter integrity team could see which absentee ballots were being mailed to FAKE addresses, to apartments without a unit number – thus making them free floating ballots.

Those free floating ballots could have been collected and voted – as they had been in the past.  However, in this case it was stopped BEFORE it could impact an election.

Several state voter integrity teams are now implementing Fractals to thwart fake registrations taking place at the last minute.  In several states, hundreds of thousands of new registrations flood in during early voting.

In the past, there were just too many to check.

With Fractal, every new registration application reported by the state can be checked instantly, regardless of the number.  This helps county voter officials and Secretaries of State – now they are not overwhelmed with “flood-the-zone” techniques to register people who may be ineligible.

Stop election problems before they impact elections.  This is now possible with Fractal.

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