Compute Speed Has Finally Caught Up With Data Growth

In the tech industry, the same compute tech stack that existed in the 1980s runs almost all corporations and governments today.  The massive data center, the cloud, the relational database tech stack failed to keep up with the explosion of data.

Since the 1980s, the amount of data has increased exponentially while computers operate at pretty much the same speed they did in 1985.

Fractal changed that equation in a very big way.

Fractal developed a new tech stack that virtually eliminates I/O (input/output).

For the first time, massive public databases can be ingested and processed so fast the results are almost instant.

When the speed of compute explodes, disruption is about to occur.

Disruption in the compute speed vs. data growth equation brings out some very interesting results NOT previously possible.

Today, any public database or several hundred related ones, can be ingested in a few hours and made into agile, nimble, reporting islands.  Citizens gain instant access across different databases, in different formats and compare one against the other for the gold of search – cross database search.

Fractal opened the door to the future for public databases. 

Compute speed has caught up with data explosion.

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