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The Future For ERIC

ERIC is now toxic.

Recent articles exposing the incredible lack of voter cleanup for several states able to get their information from ERIC has made ERIC toxic – forever.

There is a time in any changing technology market when the market leader is dead in the water.  Everyone knows it.  That is IBM, HP, Dell.

They survive for years afterward on existing customers, maintenance and upgrades, but everyone knows they are no more.  Explosive growth is gone.

That is ERIC.

Going forward, if any governor or election official for any state with active, engaged voter integrity organizations signs with the ERIC system, the blowback will be too great to survive.

Before 2022, few people heard of ERIC.  In 2021, though, everything changed.

Voter integrity teams sprang up in every state in 2021 and were in full swing in 2022.  They saw the incredible, breathtaking problems with voter rolls – again in EVERY state.

ERIC was ostensibly supposed to fix this. 

Not only did they fail to do so, there was too much evidence they might have been originally tied to folks who did not share the concerns of 2022 voter integrity teams.

Cleaning voter rolls and publicly reporting their progress might not be why ERIC exists.

Going forward, ERIC’s world is changing in big ways:

  1. ERIC will continue to process data for states where voter integrity teams, legislatures and election executives are OK with not cleaning voter rolls.  However, no states will join who care about these matters.  Thus, not much growth.
  2. States will begin abandoning ERIC.  ERIC is now a political issue and states committed to clean voter rolls, transparency and visibility have begun to depart ERIC.  There will be more.
  3. ERIC now lives in an environment where an alternative exists.  States will implement Fractal Programming and keep voter rolls clean, transparent, visible.  Those states will demonstrate, publicly, how many phantoms at fake addresses or with duplicate voter IDs were in their system.  What ERIC hides, these states will exalt!  These states will publish how much taxpayer money they saved building a Fractal system.
  4. Voting will move to digital – like it or not.  While many believe digital voting is open to fraud, they are wrong.  A vote from a digital device has a footprint – thus issues with signature matching, lost ballots will disappear.  Because ERIC uses obsolete underlying technology – they will ultimately miss this major change in the voting technology.  ERIC will not be part of the long term, digital voting infrastructure because their technology cannot get them there.

We are entering a time where ERIC has an alternative.  Fractal systems can be stood up in any state, in 30 days, clean their voter rolls beyond anything possible in ERIC, and make the results visible.

Fractal systems can be run by the state, or they can outsource them to their favorite vendor. 

Every state adopting Fractal technology will dramatically clean up voter rolls, demonstrate progress to the citizens, and save at least 50% of what they were paying with ERIC,