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Public Database – Does It Reconcile?

Everyone seems to have heard about voter identification – is this voter who they claim to be?  Is this address a residence or a storefront?

What has never been done at scale before is public database reconciliation: 

Do the voter rolls maintained by the government reconcile internally? 

  • Do contribution databases have impossible dates in them?
  • Do county and state voter rolls match up?
  • Are “inactive” voters on the voter rolls changed to active and voted?
  • Are there more voters in a precinct than there are eligible voters?
  • Are duplicate voter IDs issued?
  • Are voter ID sequences such that new voters are entered in the middle of the sequence rather than at the end?
  • Does the Election Commission use voter ID numbers that are deliberately misleading?
  • Does the Election Commission deliberately “salt” public databases to make them hard or impossible for citizens to search?

Unfortunately, in 2022, the Fractal team applied reconciliation analysis to the voter rolls and other databases in many states and each of these problems was uncovered.

Nobody has ever reconciled public databases.

That is why voters older than George Washington are active in most state rolls.

Public databases have the same address spelled differently – over 100 different ways.

The reporting for corporations was reformed by the Sarbanes-Oxley laws.  Corporate executives became “responsible” for what they reported.

Can you imagine if a CFO replied:  “….well, we didn’t really know that value so we put in a fake number to take up the space.”

Yet that is what election officials say in many states when they defend the birthday field of thousands of voters that is January 1, 1900.

If public databases cannot be reconciled for internal accuracy, they are of no use to the public.

Fractal Programming now enables citizens to make all public databases take a giant leap toward accuracy. 

We must force those who publish these databases to use the same rigor as corporate reporting.