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Maricopa County To Investigate Printers! Bullshit In Action!

This week after Maricopa County election officials admitted under oath they changed printer settings from 20 inches to 19 inches the morning of the election – thus making ballots unreadable in Republican areas, they are going to investigate.

Really?  Is there anyone with an IQ above 85 who thinks for a moment this is on the level?

Want to investigate, Maricopa County?

Try this:

How many new voters were added to the voter roll AFTER the “no change date?”  That’s the date, October 11, 2022, when no changes are made to the system.

How many zip codes were modified during the ballot mailing period?  Were they changed back?  If so, by whom?

How many Maricopa citizens changed address in the 30 days before the election, yet remained in Maricopa County?

How many voters received their ballot at address A yet voted from address B?

How many changes, total, were made to the voter rolls AFTER October 11?

Maricopa County is corrupt to the core and if you do a deep dive of their election data rolls, compare them with their property tax rolls, you are going to find out just how corrupt.

Let us know when Maricopa County does THAT investigation!