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Leftist NGOs and Corporations Building Massive Election War Chest

A fundamental difference between Republican and Democrat wealthy class, is the Democrat/Leftist group takes elections seriously.  They band together the NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations), corporations, media, unions, and government bureaucrats to make sure they stay in power.

The most recent manifestation, shown here in RealClearInvestigations – is all about funding elections themselves.

Why not?  If you fund it, you pretty much own it – or at least you have some sort of advantage the other side lacks.

The Leftists get it – elections matter and it really doesn’t make a lot of difference about how they are operated as long as their side wins.

Republican wealth sits on the sidelines.  Getting into the mechanics of elections is just too icky.  They are way too busy writing checks to the Republican National Committee which then spends the money using lists so old, imprecise that when we tested them they were close to useless.

Perhaps it’s time for the Republicans to wake up – and learn they can write all the checks to their favored candidate – but if their opponent controls the election machinery – that check is wasted.