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Help Us Bring Project Omega To Your State

In 2022 – America learned – the hard way – we can find phantoms by the trainload, but it is almost impossible to get them off the voter rolls.

Project Omega and the UnDeliverable Ballot Database stopped this madness in at least one swing state – likely saving a U.S. Senate seat.  We need you to get Omega into your state for 2024!

The Project Omega team raised over $250,000,000 in its various successful business ventures.  We know how to raise money – how to make sophisticated financial presentations – how to demonstrate disruptive, advanced computing to solve problems that elude any current technology.

We have a great story to tell.  We built the UnDeliverable Ballot Database technology and applied it in several states.

We ran the voter rolls for over a dozen states, creating the largest election database ever built – with over 1.7 billion records.

Our team built the eBay fraud detection engine and our technology is the foundation of the TSA No-Fly List.

The world’s largest insurance companies – State Farm, GEICO, USAA and others used our disruptive technology to thwart organized criminal auto fraud rings.

Voter integrity teams using our technology – particularly Wisconsin, had major impacts on cleaning phantoms off of voter rolls.

In the case of Wisconsin, it was reported that such efforts saved the Ron Johnson Senate seat.

We are raising the money to implement Fractal analysis, a massively disruptive technology – in every state.  This will enable voter roll cleaning, on a constant basis.

Fractal technology enables never-before-possible voter roll reconciliation with property tax rolls, FEC contribution rolls, lists of hotels, jails, RV Parks and other locations that should not be the address of a registered voter.

We need your help!

We know how to raise the funding for a system for your state.  We need your help in building the list of the right people to contact.

Can you assist us with the following information?

The name, physical mailing address and email address of:

The state Republican Chairperson

The state Republican Party Finance Director

Large contributors in your state who want to protect elections from the Leftist attempt to undermine elections.

We are NOT asking you to contact them – just help us with the list!

We are reaching out to these people with a full presentation, including live systems from Wisconsin, Florida and Nevada showing the power of Fractal analysis.

If you can get us the contact data, we will do the rest!