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Fractal Builds FracPack Network

Fractal is being adopted by state-of-the-art citizens and citizen-legislators in over 27 states.

Every state’s team has a story to tell about what they found using innovative Fractal technology.  To better pass the word, the Fractal team formed the FracPack – an informal association of power users.

We introduce everyone so you can build relationships – share queries and new ways to gather data.

Fractal is not for legacy election fraud organizations.  Fractal opens new possibilities for those seeking clean voter rolls that citizens believe are correct.

Florida and Wisconsin users co-developed the Federal Election Commission SMURF cross search – to find millions of dollars in illegal contributions going to candidates – with a couple of clicks.

Some team members are attorneys.  Some are law enforcement.  Many are legislators.  Even more are data analysts.  Those skills need to be cross pollinated and the FracPack team is the way to do it.

The FracPack will set the development priorities for new queries and data sources.  All new users will be added only through the FracPack network.

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