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Being Mike Lindell – Our Fun Year With Mike!

About everyone knows the Pillow Guy.  If you have dogs – we have 4 little rescues – he has great dog beds too.

But who, really, is this guy?

Right after the 2020 election disaster, Lindell stepped up – the only big money Republican – shamefully – to do so.

About that time, Sheriff David Clarke called the Fractal team and asked if we could help with the voter roll analysis in Wisconsin – find phantoms – and we agreed to at least look at those rolls.

We are data guys, not activists.

Lindell paid us to do a proof of concept (PoC) using Fractal analysis in Wisconsin.

Mike pretty much introduced us to the world of election rolls – and we were stunned at how corrupt they were.

Over time, we ran the data for over a dozen states – sometimes for months, sometimes just once.  In every case, the voter rolls were a total mess.

Mike paid us to run one state – Wisconsin – and we funded the rest, but we credit Mike Lindell with introducing us to the world of voter rolls.

We don’t work with Mike any more but we really credit him with introducing us to this fascinating area – where we are raising the funding to do most of the states.