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2022 This Is What Happens When You Do Not Clean The Voter Rolls

The 2022 election is the second election showing hapless Republicans just what happens when they fail to clean up the voter rolls.

Voter rolls in every state are fraught with fake people – multiple people with the same name and age, dead people, voters who moved 5 years ago but are still on the rolls, people voting from U.P.S. boxes.

The future is at hand – and the Republicans need to get on board and make Job #1 the clean up of the voter rolls.

There were 4 states in 2022 where there was a counter narrative:  Ohio, Florida, Texas and Wisconsin.

In Ohio, Florida and Texas, voter integrity groups, many using Fractal Programming challenged voters and cleaned up the rolls.  They had Republican governors, so it was within their grasp.  Much of the fraud you saw in other states bypassed these states because there were not phantoms to fill in the needed votes.

Wisconsin had no Republican governor, and they have the Wisconsin Election Commission – a highly partisan group with a proven history of working with Leftist groups.

But in Wisconsin – using the Fractal Programming system, the election integrity team met with county registrars not the Secretary of State.  They quietly showed these registrars the fake names and addresses on their voter rolls.  Some of these registrars took action, some did not.

In the end, enough fake voters were removed from the system to impact a senate election.

This is the future for Republicans.  The question is will they figure it out?

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